Lesson duration – 45min


Individual lessons (possible in groups)


Do you seriously love drums and you‘re ready to go for it? You wanna learn to play your favourite song on drums? Or maybe you think playing drums might be a good distraction from routine? You want to make work those muscles and brain zones of yours that usually work less or don‘t work at all? You had played drums ages ago and now you would love to revitalize your skills? Or maybe you never had a chance to sit behind drums and this has always been your dream? 

All motivations are good reason to start.


It doesnʹt matter how old you are. Kids and adults, beginers and those with experience – everyone can play drums.

Training program will flexibly adapt to each studentʹs needs and personality. All you need is personal motivation and a pair of drumsticks.

Donʹt hesitate, just come and try. Explore drums in first lesson and find out if playing drums is what youʹre looking for. 

Reserve you first drum lesson today and start your journey with drums.